A unique Impact Factor Protocol

for the academic world

making Impact Factors immutable and controlled by academics

The problem is the state of the scientific publishing world

The Imagjn Platform

Datafloq is expanding with a new project called Imagjn. Imagjn is a platform for the academic world. It will simplify the act of writing scientific papers, make publicly funded research easily available to the public and offer all stakeholders fair rewards when publishing scientific papers by creating immutable public impact factors for academics, papers and universities. We aim to fix the academic world and improve the scientific method.

 Every actor in the academic world will develop an immutable Impact Factor that is controlled and owned by that actor and as such can be monetised. We aim to move the academic world away from the power of commercial publishers and the flawed Journal Impact Factor. Instead, Imagjn will offer collaborative cloud tools to speed up publishing scientific papers while ensuring transparent and immutable peer reviews. Therefore, the Imagjn Impact Factor Protocol (IFP) will be:

% (n)

The Imagjn ecosystem will consist of the following components:


Imagjn develops a private blockchain owned and controlled by the academic world, where actors can be in full control over the individual Impact Factor.


The Distributed Ledger Technology ensures immutable but transparent Impact Factors, which will become the new norm for the academic world.


The academic community will be able to collaborate effectively and efficiently, speeding up the peer-review process from years to weeks, enabling instant publications.


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The Team

Mark van Rijmenam
Founder & CEO

Mark van Rijmenam is the founder of Datafloq. He is an expert on AI, Blockchain and Big Data, a highly sought-after speaker and co-author of the book ‘Blockchain: Transforming Your Business and Our World‘. He is named a global top 10 Big Data influencer and one of the most influential Blockchain people.

Ronald van den Heuvel
Co-Founder & CTO

Ronald van den Heuvel is CTO van Datafloq. Ronald has vast experience in software development, architecture, quality & governance practices.

Maik Peters
Co-Founder & COO

Maik Peters is COO of Datafloq. Maik is a skilled product manager with years of experience in building advanced technology products and teams.


Patrick Curry

Menno Weij

André Cardote

Jorge Alvardo

Arno Lodder

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